Writing Software

Your cozy, offline, distraction-free writing cave.

More primal than any word processor.

Non-blinking Caret

"I don't like that cursor flashing,
looking at me..."

—Jerry Seinfeld

Dictionary & Thesaurus

No need to switch away
or go online to look up a word.
Rhymer and Color Thesaurus.

Foldable Sticky Notes

For brainstorming, outlining
and organizing your thoughts,
there's nothing like sticky notes.

Restful on the Eyes

Warm day and night modes
optimized for long writing sessions.
Navigation without scrolling.

More than Spellcheck

Grammar and style checker
catches clichés, skunked terms,
missing commas and more.

Draft Comparison

See the changes you've made
since your last draft, either
side-by-side or on one page.

Encryption & Privacy

Encrypt specific shelves
to keep your books and sticky
notes private and secure.

Marks & Comments

Mark up your text with symbols
and comments, then easily
see them on a mark map.

Word Usage

Select a word and press
Cmd+F to see all occurrences
on of a word on the page.

a whole lot more

Watch Teaser

Core values:


Night Mode Day Mode Tools Reference Sticky Notes Night Sticky Notes Day

Video Instructions:

Watch a 14-minute Course

Getting Samodeus:

Currently, Samodeus is in a private beta-testing phase and is only supported on a Mac.
In the future, Windows and Linux versions will be available.
If you'd like to get a copy, reach out to Andrey.