Below you'll find music recorded from my teenage years until present. The genres range from neo-classical piano and flamenco-inspired guitar to atmospheric soundscapes and electronic beats. Enjoy!

Andrey's Creative Shares
Recorded on a century-old piano in Virginia. Each song is a single live take with a bass track added for extra rich and sassy sound. Intended to be listened to as one continuous journey.
Released: 2019
Vocals, electronic instruments & percussion.
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Released: 2017
An album recorded live on a grand piano near Glacier National Park.
Released: 2016
Improvisational clarinet recordings.
Released: 2015
A seamless one-hour three-track forest journey with songs of insects, birds, frogs, thunder, wind and mysterious creatures.
Released: 2015
Sound healing concert recorded live at Harbin Hot Springs in California. Andrey Samode: Mridanga, Clarinet, Guitar. Mahavir: Sarode, Harmonium. Stephanie Winn: Vocals, Harmonium. Ken Becker: Cello, Bass. Maggie Raintree Homsy: Tanpura.
Released: 2013
Layered instrumental guitar rhythms and melodies.
Released: 2008
Contemplatively passionate guitar compositions sung in English and Russian.
Released: 2006
Soulful and lyrical melodies mixed in with moderate-paced beats. My third album.
Released: 2000
Fast-paced and playful Happy Hardcore music. My first album ever recorded.
Released: 1999