Below you'll find my music, recorded from my teenage years until present. All of it is free to listen. Most of it is free to download with option to pay if you like.

Andrey's Creative Shares
Vocals, electronic instruments & percussion.
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Released: 2017
An album recorded live on a grand piano after visiting Glacier National Park.
Released: 2016
Improvisational clarinet recordings.
Released: 2015
A seamless one-hour three-track forest journey with songs of insects, birds, frogs, thunder, wind and mysterious creatures.
Released: 2015
Sound healing concert recorded live at Harbin Hot Springs in California. Andrey Samode: Mridanga, Clarinet, Guitar. Mahavir: Sarode, Harmonium. Stephanie Winn: Vocals, Harmonium. Ken Becker: Cello, Bass. Maggie Raintree Homsy: Tanpura.
Released: 2013
Layered instrumental guitar rhythms and melodies.
Released: 2008
Contemplatively passionate guitar compositions sung in English and Russian.
Released: 2006
Medium-paced soulful and lyrical melodies mixed in with moderate-paced beats. My third album ever recorded.
Released: 2000
Fast-paced and playful Happy Hardcore music. My first album ever recorded.
Released: 1999